Motorsports Mayhem Schedule of Events 2013

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 Please scroll down thru all the information, you should find answers to every question you have.   Click on the bold words to open documents for each event. 

Schedule of Events May 11th, 2013

  • 10am  Dan’s Diesel Performance Dyno ?’s 815-245-8548
  • 11am Mid State Grass Drags, ATV Drags, Dirt Bike Drags (registration from 8am-10am) 

?’s on Snowmbile Grass Drags-Willie Conklin 608-697-7406  Race Order and Rules for Snowmobiles

ATV/Dirt Bike ?s Mike Neitzel 612-810-1179  Dusty Bottoms ATV Drag Racing

***Click Here for Rules and Contact info —>Badgerland Sanity Pullers Inc.

  • 3pm Twisted Metal Demo Derby-Jason Cox 608-604-6902 Twisted Metal Website
  • 5pm, 7pm and 9pmFreestyle Moto X in front of Grand Stands by the pulling track
  • 6pm-3 Pulling Tracks-Tri County Pullers and 5pm and 6pm Brush Pulling Order May 11 No more changes. Sign up will begin at 4pm for the evening brush pull
  • 9pmish-Truck and Car Drags-Can’t start drags until Pulling is over.  Bring it we will find a class for it, we add classes if necessary. Truck Car Drag Rules order and classes
  • 10pm-????Music with the John Torgerson of Dance Doctors in the Jess Dull Building
  •  201 am GO HOME and GO TO SLEEP you need your rest for Churning Dirt July 25-27

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General Questions Jason Schultz 608-604-5068

This is the awesome sign you will win if you win a class or heat at Motorsports Mayhem on May 11th. Plus some money of course 🙂

2013 - Mayhem King of signs

.2013 Southwest Wisconsin Too hot to Farm Tractor Pulling Rules

1.3000 RPM Max. RPM pickup required with lead wire installed externally upon the frame of the tractor. Lead wire must be without breaks or connections between pick up and 3 pin connector. 3 pin connector need to be mounted on the rear of the tractor at an easily accessible location.

2.15-18MPH pace. This class will have a pace drawn from a hat by the first puller of the class. All speeds will be used before speeds are returned to the hat. Example – If at the Cuba City pull the first puller draws 16MPH the class will be 16MPH. The next pull the first puller of the class will choose a speed from the hat from 15,17, or 18MPH. If the puller chooses 18MPH the third pull using these rules will allow the first puller of the class to choose from the hat containing the speeds 15 or 17MPH.
2a.If the promoting location chooses to have a second too hot to farm class; the promoter may choose to use another speed from the hat or a speed of their choice if any.

3.11,500# will be the weight of the class at all locations
3a.If the promoting location chooses to have a second too hot to farm class; and wants a different weight they may choose +/- 500# of the original 11,500# class. Example the second class could be 11,000# or 12,000#.

4.Tires will be limited to 20.8R38 or 18.4R42 tires. No cut tires will be allowed

5.Intercoolers will be allowed, but only using an OEM manifold and running engine fluids. NO ICE BOXES! Example- if an IH chooses to install an intercooler off a DT bus engine or equivalent that was an IH part number this will be allowed but no aftermarket intercoolers or headers.

6.Water injection is allowed using water only. Location and number of nozzles for injection is not restricted

7.Must have Steel flywheel OR clutch housing safety blanket

8.Must have Kill switch / Air shut off

9.Cross bolts mounted in exhaust pipe. 2 – 3/8” grade 8 bolts making a crossing pattern mounted within 1” of each other. The closer to the exhaust wheel of the turbo the better.

10.Wheelie bars to be securely mounted to the rear of the tractor

11.Only one fuel is permitted.

12.Drivers must be at leased 14 years of age with tractor driving certificate and parental consent.

13.All other general tractor pulling rules apply