On Saturday, June 30, 2018 we will be having another mud obstacle race at The Richland County Fairgrounds. The event is open to all people from seasoned veteran mud runners to amateurs to kids.  The planned course will involve up to 12 obstacles, a brief run through the Pine River, and following a log filled creek. You are assured to get dirty while working up a sweat.  To add to the dirt and celebrate fall, we have added paint. We will have 2 paint stations to assure everybody gets as dirty.

Registration starts at 8am with the race beginning with split heats at 9am. A liability release will need to be signed on the day of the event. Runners under 18 must have a parent’s signature.

Guarantee your spot in the race now!


$25 – Adults

$10 – 14 years and under.

Register: details pending – check back soon.

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The course is listed below with pictures of obstacles from our race in July. All participants will have the option to skip the river section and skipping the river section is recommended for children under 14 years old. The course is intended for 2 laps. Different from July, the race will start and finish behind the grandstands and all participants should check-in at the BROWN SHED as marked on the attached map.


Obstacles Planned (actual pictures from the July race coming soon):

Slip and Slide – It might be the cleanest part of the race with all the soap to help you slide.


Tough Truck Course –  Enjoy the mud moguls and muddy pond. Since you must crawl under fences, you have no option but to get dirty.


Mud Moguls – Continuing along the old tough truck course, you will find a set of moguls. Once we fill the gaps between the moguls with water and make you crawl under tight fences, you’ll have a dirty time completing this portion of the course.



Field of Tires – Call it a throw back to high school gym or military training exercises. Make sure to high “knee-it” right through this field of tires.


The Big Squeeze – This obstacle will be constructed with a platform holding tarps of water just above the ground. You will be forced to squeeze along the ground to force your way through. Better practice your low crawl.


Mud Bog Balance Beam – The mud bog is another popular event at Redneck Rally.  During this section, if your balance is good…you can stay clean. Since the trucks will be running through the mud pit later in the day, we assure that it will be much muddier than previously.


Hay Climb – Time for king of the hill. You must climb over this stack of round bales. Since your already muddy, we’re picturing a little tar and feather situation.


Woods obstacles – The uneven ground in the woods and the curving trail can be hard enough. But using the natural obstacles, you must climb over and under a series of log obstacles.


Pine River Plunge – The course run right along the Pine River so we can’t resist. Consider it a bath…the short course through the Pine River should cool you down. We will have life guards on duty but no life jackets are needed in the under waist deep water.


Dead Fall Creek – As you finish with the Pine River, it is time to crawl through the creek back to the fairgrounds. Although the water is shallow, you will need to climb under multiple log obstacles.


Army Crawl – Stay low and crawl fast.  Enjoy!


Paint Stations:  It’s fall and the trees are beautiful. Add some color to your muddy self as we cover you with paint powder. If you don’t get dirty enough at the first station, we have a second….and a second lap.



Lap #2: We will have all adult participant complete 2 laps of the course. Practice should make perfect so the second lap should be a breeze. Enjoy!