May 13th, 2017 Pulling classes for Richland Center, with the NEW TERMINATOR PULLING SLED

  • The purpose of the Mayhem is pull is for everyone to get a test pass with some competition and a chance to win some money.  There will be no tech, no one at the scale.  The scale is an honor system, if you are over weight for your class remove the weight.
  • No pulling vehicle can hook in more than one pulling class-time doesn’t allow for hooks in a second class.  You will pull in the class you belong in or close to.
  • Tires/hitches etc:  Run what you do with your sanctioning body.
  • All pulling classes $25 hook fee with paid admission wristband-all entry fee money will be added back into the purse, payback 10 places in all classes.
    • No speed limit in any classes-6500 Outlaw is exactly what it means.  Weigh 6500 lbs and let er eat, truck or tractor
    • Street Outlaw Diesel 4×4 is for trucks that don’t belong in the 2.5 class or 3.0.  3.6 Pro Stock 4×4 or bigger will test and tune only
    • 6500 lbs Open Stock Trucks 485 cubes or less-wide open if you are 485 or less-any headers, run your summer set up
    • 6200 lbs Super Stock Trucks 530 cubes or less-wide open if you are 530 or less-any headers, run your summer set up
    • 2.5 Work Stock/2.6 Smooth bore-if you pull 2.5 work stock in the summer, this is your class, we don’t care about weight boxes etc, run your clubs rule, so you are ready for summer.
    • 3.0 Smooth bore Diesel Trucks-run the turbo you will run this summer with your club.
    • LLSS Tractor-run the weight you will run at this summer with your club alky and diesel combined
    • Too Hot To Farm-this class is for 9500 466 Pro Farm, 11500 Hot Farm, 12000 turbo farm pullers-run the weight you will run this summer.
    • Hot Farm/Super Farm-run the weight you will run this summer-inner coolers etc, run your summer set up
    • Light Pro/Lim Pro-run the weight you will run this summer
    • Stock Semis or Pro Stock Semis bring em we will set the sled accordingly


  • Test and Tune:    Test and tune is after we finish the pulling classes Saturday, I am guessing 5pmish.  If you are a state level/national level puller and you prefer to test and tune during the day please contact me by phone to confirm.  608 604 5068 Jason
  •  Test and Tune Pass is $20 each pass, pay at the entry brown shed at the end of the pulling track.  We will give you a ticket to hand to our official at the starting line.  Test and Tune is meant for  sanctioning pulling classes, if we have similar style HP vehicles, talk to each other in the pits and come to the starting line together, we want to pull these at the same time, so we are constantly changing the sled and you get to pull against someone with a similar setup.  Time doesn’t allow for stock diesel or gas trucks or farm tractors.   Everyone including owners/pullers etc will pay the $10 at the gate, you will be reimbursed for your gate fee when you sign up at the brown entry shed at the end of the pulling track.
  • Thanks and see everyone May 13th.

Motorsports Mayhem 2017 pulling classes