Jones Chevrolet Buick Napa Auto Parts Hybrid Redneck Rally


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Please no Carry-ins

Richland Center, WI Fairgrounds Oct 10th, 2015

$10 admission-12 and Under Free

Bounce Houses for the kids all day long-Helicopter Rides


Free shuttle bus service pick up/drop off: Alana Springs Campgrounds (608) 647-2600 and Richland Center, WI hotels/motels.


11 am-Helicopter Rides

11 am Snowmobile Grass DragsMid State Grass Drag Circuit Info More ?’s call Jim 608-604-0957 Willie 608-697-7406 Registration from 8am-1030am

11 am ATV and Dirt bike Drags-Dusty Bottoms Drag racing More ?’s call Rob 608-212-0330 Registration from 8am-1030am Sponsored by Heritage Movers Boscobel, WI

11 am American Mini Pullers Website and AMPI Facebook Page

11 am Dan’s Diesel Performance Dyno ?’s Call Dan at (815)245-8548

11 am-Big Sled Truck/Tractor Pull Gas Trucks, Diesel Trucks and Tractors-classes posted below the blue text any ?’s call Jason 608-604-5068

12 pm Central Mud Racing Association-2 tracks, full show with tuff trucks, one of the larges races in the upper Midwest.  Central Mud Racing Website more ?’s call Orlin 608-769-7132

1 pm Remote Control Truck and Tractor Pull-?’s Jeff Schumacher 715-743-6891

2 pm Tri County Mini Rod Pullers Website and Tri County Mini Rods Facebook Page

2 pm Kindschi Kids Pedal Pull Ages 4-12

6 pm Monster Truck Thrill Show-2 Monster Trucks-wheelies, donuts, car smashing, tire jumping fun

6 pm S & S Cycle Burnout Contest-great prizes from S&S cycle and Vetesnik Powersports ?’s call Nate at 608-604-8245

8 pm Truck and Car Drag Races Sponsored by Shawn’s Auto Repair and Performance ?’s call Shawn at 608-604-9847

  • Terminator/Big sled classes. This is the pulling order below, starting at 11 am, you must be signed up 2 classes before your class starts.
  • No hook fees in any classes, all pullers in these classes and crew will pay $10 at the gate.  
  • One Hook per pulling vehicle, If I have low numbers in a class, we will announce it and give pullers a chance to jump in the class if they so desire. I want to be done pulling by 6pm so we can have the monster trucks and truck/car drags start on time.  
  • Pulling vehicles driven to the pull and truck/car drag racers driven to the pull, because of all the haulers, you will be parking on the outside of the horse track. 
  • Street Stock Diesel 4×4-truck must be currently licensed/registered and able to be driven on street, no extra weights anywhere, not allowed to pull in 2.5 Workstock, this is for street stock trucks only and you can’t pull in any other classes.
  • 5800 Superstock 2wd-Naturally Aspirated-?’s Cody 319-239-6550-These trucks can hook in the 6200 Superstock as well
  • 9500 Non Turbo Tractor-3ooo RPM-18.4 x 38 tire max, 6 mph
  • 7000 Street Gas 4×4-currently licensed/registeredand able to be driven on street.  Must have mufflers and exhaust to at least the rear axle.  No race gas allowed-no drawbar hitchs-no solid or blocked suspensions-no weight bars on front of truck-Any added weight must be secured in box-no forced induction unless factory-E85 fuel only allowed if it’s a factory flex fuel. ?’s call Mike at 608-290-7973
  • 9000 Farm Turbo-3000 RPM, 18.4 x 38 tire max, 8 mph
  • 6500 lb Open Stock 4×4 gas truck 485 cube limit-DOT Tire
  • 11500 Too Hot Too Farm-Southwest WI rules 18 mph call Guy Nelson 608-632-3178
  • 6800 Hot Street Big Block 4×4-DOT legal tires, no weight brackets or weight in cab, any added weight must be secured, must be factor appearing body with complete interior and glass, exhaust must exit behind cab, no solid or rigid suspensions.  ?’s call Mike at 608-290-7973
  • 2.5 Workstock Diesel-Southwest Pullers rules and points-?’s call Guy Nelson 608-632-3178
  • 10000 Farm Turbo-3000 RPM. 18.4 x 38 tire max, 8mph
  • 6800 Hot Street Small Block 4×4-DOT legal tires, no weight brackets or weight in cab, any added weight must be secured, must be factor appearing body with complete interior and glass, exhaust must exit behind cab, no solid or rigid suspensions.  ?’s call Mike at 608-290-7973
  • 6200 Superstock 2wd-Naturally Aspirated-?’s Cody 319-239-6550
  • 6500 Open Run what you brung, make the weight and pull. Truck or tractor-2wd blown, light tractors etc
  • 6200 Open 4×4 Gas-650 cube max-any tire-this class is for Super stock and mod trucks
  • 12500 Farm Turbo-3000 RPM, 20.8 x 38 tire max, 12 mph
  • 2.6 Diesel 4×4 Experimental-7500 lbs, 24 inch hitch-?’ call Guy Nelson 608-632-3178  Sponsored by Dan’s Diesel Performance
  • 9500 Open Tractor-run what you brung
  • Open Diesel 4×4-Run what you brung.  If you pulled in the 2.5, 2.6 or stock diesel you will not be allowed to sign up in this class.  Sponsored by Dan’s Diesel Performance
  • Stock Semi truck class-sponsored by Gordy Poad-Rules: Semi must be driven to the pull.  The winner of this class will also receive a free 55 gallon barrel of Valvoline 15w40 oil courtesy of Richard Weeden and the Bowen Oil Company of Monroe, WI
  • Darrell Olson Memorial Dump truck class-Top 3 get trophy ?’s call Logan Olson 608-475-0666
  • Hot Rod Semi Trucks-sponsored by RC Truck and Auto
  • If you are interested in being a class sponsor for $250, the money will be added to the class you sponsor.  Call Jason at 608-604-5068



Link 1 Pictures 2013 Link 2 Pictures 2013 Link 3   Pictures 2013

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